Creative Digital Marketing Agency based in Bali

We make advanced take in your business through creative approach.

What is Aiti Media

Aiti Media is a local company, founded by local youngsters that strive to make the business industry a better place to run. We build a foundation for any of your project and deliver it till end dot. No matter if it’s a new or ongoing programs that your company is handling, we will assist you in managing every aspects based on your needs. No project is too big or too small for us to handle, but you can rest assured that we will deliver it in the best way possible.

What We Do at The Office

Branding & Marketing Strategy

We create and develop your brand’s identity, to eventually guide and support you in building strategy for product launching, rebranding or advertising. Each step will be as necessary and impactful as the next step, to represent your product the way you want it to be.

Creative Graphic Design

To ensure that your product stands out from the crowd, we will create a visual design idea to connect your product with the clients’ requirement and pour it to any of your marketing tools such as website, brochure, e-blast, online and offline advertisement.

Social Media Marketing

Since we spend hours and hours on the social media, why don’t we advertise through it too? We will manage your Social Media while in the same time advertising your product with subtle yet strong approach to customers, as well as creating campaign, collaboration with influencer and many more.

Website & Digital Development

We create your website and develop it to reach the necessary online presence to ensure that your customer can get any information they need about your company or product. Not only that, we will also build any digital system necessary to support your company.

Creative Content Creation

People loves a good storytelling. Since we can write well, we will create a storytelling background for the product you launch and company you run. Along with that, our creative content creation will support our online presence through website’s blog, advertisement copywriting and promotions.


Show the world how your products will make their live better. We will make either photography or videography portfolio and product knowledge for your company, property or advertised products in the simplest or grandest way possible, whatever you want it to be.

Our Portfolio

We help our clients to reach their potential. From small growing company to the big one, here is some of them

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